Sunday, February 15, 2009

scanning progress

Finally came to a rhythm when scanning!This book has weird sigs and to take it apart without a complete fumble fuck...I have to cut a few pages apart now and then. Of course, the first cut hurt the most. At this point I am immune.
I am halfway thru. It is difficult to concentrate on each and every single scan! I end up with this kind of half ass little skit, where I put it on, and preview, turn around, put something away in the studio, turn back around and scan. SWITCH! With a hoop skirt and some music, it'd feel like a square dance!
I have done some research on where to print, and Blurb seems to have the best review for color work.
Have NOT decided whether to split this into a 2 or 3 part book yet, tho. Not sure about what to do on that. I guess what's the dif? If you buy one book for 60 bucks or the alternative of 2 books for the same?
I don't know if anyone would spend this kind of change on MY book. I know a self help book is one thing. This is not self help. It's fairy tale. fiction.

It's all so secret. I don't tell many people about these things, and this blog is oh so quiet. Seems so cool to have such a big secret. Somehow, I need to go from only ME knowing it, to EVERYONE knowing.

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