Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Bored "Nature has her rubbish heaps." I said.
I was so heartsick—I ran away to
come to
stand on a mountain
with a young moon kissing it,
maneuver among snow-capped peaks above
music of the
wind in the firs
you will have
what you wish!
things hoped for. But bide a wee."
acknowledgement of the inevitable
swept away
blissful comfort
wear it always. Dont' wait
know you've found the perfect

That was a wonderful day in the little house of dreams.

And so ends the dreamy moment that the fair maid is having..She is bored with her regular life, bored to tears. She curses the natural world, the bog, her duties "Nature has her rubbish heaps". She stands on a mountain and hears the whispers of the world....and she learns that she should have what she wishes for....It is all too true.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


bound about her head with a crimson ribbon. She
wore a dress of some dark material, very plainly made, but
swathed about her waist, outlining its fine curves, was a vived
girdle of red silk. Her hands, clasped over her knee, were brown
and somewhat work-hardened; but the skin of ther throat and
cheeks was as white as cream. A flying gleam of sunset broke
through a low-lying western cloud and fell across her hair.
Presently she scrambled down the steep path to the little
nest of moss on the rocks beside the creek. Spray
from the rushing stream would keep the moss green all summer.

Monday, April 16, 2007


a dear little home—and love—and happiness
—and glad dreams—everything I wanted—and never had—and
never could have. Oh, never could have! That was what stung!
Whirling round and round in the northern House of Dreams
I am a
slave to the spirit of the quest.
nothing but a dreamer.

Friday, April 13, 2007


The forest has its own ways of determining what it will be.

the universe gives us what we call forth.


Subservient to his will, and for him made
him," she said. He was someone to be
worshipped from afar. it would obviously
never be possible for them to meet.

Again, I look back at these words and they feel lame and weak. When I composed this book I was in an unhappy marital situation And I suppose I dreamt of the ideal... or realized the reality??....But at this point in time, away from it now ...almost divorced from it...I feel as tho this position of subservience is really pathetic, and olde-tyme stereotypical!
That's just exactly why this is a fairy I can get away with that kind of thing.
Besides, that is the way it appears to be in life most of the time. Women are subservient to the male of the species....and I guess embracing it could be more fun than bucking the system. Hence, she fondles herself.
That does sound so crass. But this is an explanation of symbols and pages and therefore, I am going to tell it like it is.

Would the fair maid ever meet "him"? This perfect kindred soul in her dreams??? It doth seem impossible.


The water sparkled and crooned
the birches threw dappled shadows
in the shade of the mushroom house

He stands under the mottled light of a Tiffany mushroom....

Monday, April 9, 2007


"I think I would have found a "kindred" spirit,'"
I thought you were so beautiful-I longed for weeks after to find
out who you were.

This page is key to the whole dream sequence...I notice I haven't accented it much with the words. (frown!) The fair maid comes upon her literal dream man, under the mushroom house, and of course as is typical with dreams, she had no idea who he was. But she seemed to know right away he was a "kindred spirit." This terminology was taken from Anne of Green Gables. I had 3 volumes that were old and shabby kicking around the studio while I was working on various pages and they are now cut up and shred, but always beloved...and now, they lend meanings to my own work. When I was a young girl, I had read the book and was quite taken with the descriptions of scenery and some of the ideas. One of those ideas was the kindred spirit....I have found many of these in my life. And here, the fair maid thinks she found one in her dreams.

I thought about this later, and resented that I deeply felt as tho a man of my dreams was the objective in life! But as I assess my life I notice that I really do live this way, thinking a man is what makes me complete. Perhaps it is somehow...but I resent it anyways.


The maid began to see animals
in a strange place
remarkable fetching and transgressive in the
celestial bog garden


There's something going on that
I don't understand

a jolly motley throng
a startling apparition
the "animal forest" was in the dream civilization
clearly and distinctly an
a fools paradise of imaginary innocence.

There is always something going on that is not understood. Isn't that just the nature of life? Especially in dreams we seek to find the hidden meaning, the essence of ourselves....but not always can our answers be found.

Friday, April 6, 2007


The fair maid
had an opportunity of seeing bodies in all
attitudes and from all sides.
it occurred in broad daylight
macabre chaos. the lovely
interplay of light and shade
suggest movement or space

In her dream, the fair maid saw men as animals, animals as men...and found that that she had her own animalistic tendencies.They were surreal and not threatening, in fact enticing.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


As she dreams
the most amazing bestial occurrence.

Lying in her boggy slumber, the fair maid has a dream...and of course as with all dreams, things are not as they seem. Men with bestial bodies....

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


the Enchanted-land rules
on some coast of fairyland
far away
the Maiden asleep.
All in the greenwood.
Among the green weeds,
hidden by leaves.