Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crop and Rotate

The cropping and rotating is going well. I am almost done already, and I only spent and hour or so on this.
My next step is to create a couple of dummy books. I need to be able to have a couple of copies. I have made a decision regarding the future of the book and the publishing of it. Since I want to shoot for the moon, I am going to send a couple to 2 different low brow publishers. It would be nice to have someone cover the marketing and publishing costs.
I investigated Blurb. Blurb wants $50.00 for a hardcover, or $35.00 for a soft cover for a book of this size. That's a decent price for a book. I am not thinking I can charge much more than this and make much money. I can see $60.00 as a stretch for someone to spend...and I have to knock off the shipping costs out of those numbers still. Not sure I want to go this route. It might work to make a sample book to send to the publisher...but I already have the ability to do this on the laser copier where I work. So for now, this book will be published here and sent away for others to evaluate.
I need to update my resumé and provide whatever paperwork these publishers require.
For now, I am concentrating on producing the dummy. I want to try doing a perfect binding. We have padding glue already at work. I want to do a simple stack on the glue and see if it will hold. Then it's just a matter of attaching a cover. I will have a completed book project to send away. Hopefully, this impresses.

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