Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Plans

I was talking with Chris the other day about the book itself and I believe I have some writing ahead of me. We were discussing the undercurrents in the book, and I was telling him about why I chose the plot of the story and all that. He encouraged me to write some of this stuff in a forward for the book. I do like that idea. I was working on it already in my head. The format is fuzzy for me, I may do some kind of Q & A, because there are some things about the book that would merit an explanation.

The scanning is already 2/3 done. I took out a sig this morning and was excited to see that there isn't much left. I am getting to the "new" segment, and I am liking that, since this is less familiar. The rest of the book has been fondled by me over and over and over hundreds of times throughout the past 5 years. I can recall each page and smile over the little things that tweaked me while i worked on it. The last pages, they were only finished up last spring.
This book has rested long enough. It's time for it's journey to a publisher.

The next segment, after the scanning, that's going to be rather tedious. I will have to go and crop and rotate all the scans and get them cleaned up and perhaps color correct should they need it.

THEN it's anyone's guess still at this point. I think the next step is to make a nice pdf out of it, multi page...and then print it 2 sided all nice on the copier. Then I can create a super fine copy of that will be worthy of sending out.
I could also format it for Blurb and self pub. Not sure about that yet. For now, the scanning has me busy enough.

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