Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Bored "Nature has her rubbish heaps." I said.
I was so heartsick—I ran away to
come to
stand on a mountain
with a young moon kissing it,
maneuver among snow-capped peaks above
music of the
wind in the firs
you will have
what you wish!
things hoped for. But bide a wee."
acknowledgement of the inevitable
swept away
blissful comfort
wear it always. Dont' wait
know you've found the perfect

That was a wonderful day in the little house of dreams.

And so ends the dreamy moment that the fair maid is having..She is bored with her regular life, bored to tears. She curses the natural world, the bog, her duties "Nature has her rubbish heaps". She stands on a mountain and hears the whispers of the world....and she learns that she should have what she wishes for....It is all too true.

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