Wednesday, March 21, 2007


warm showers
gently back and forth
washed the time away

A sunshiny shower
Won't last half an hour.
Summer breeze
send the showers,
come and smell my flowers.

She enjoys moments of repose in the sparkling moist bog. Standing among the pitcher plants, allowing gentle water to shower on her, she is nurtured by that which she nurtures.


Mick said...

I fell for this poem the instant I read it. After a half dozen visits, the heart grows fonder still.

julie said...

Thank you for your kind comments. This is supposed to be a sort of secret blog, but if I am found, this is not too much of a bother....

This is really a large 150- page collaged book. I am toying with ideas of how to roll it out to the public. I have a few plans, but none have become cement yet. Sadly, I will have to tear the binding apart to scan it correctly. For now, I am enjoying it's phatness while it is still a book.

In the meanwhile, I have taken just the words from the pages, and decided to examine them to help me better critique the work as a whole. I feel as tho the story gets lost at certain points and becomes difficult to follow. I also feel that there are parts that are over emphasized or under-explained. This was due to the sprawling nature of how the book was composed in the first place!
I will be filling in pages where I feel I need to, and I may also pull some pages where I feel redundant. It is REALLY hard to pull the images, however, since they are my little creative offspring. I am hoping that by eliminating my visual attachment, I can finish this huge project to my satisfaction.
The bold text is the actual collaged words in the book. The italic is me trying to explain what I felt behind the picture.

You are seeing things quite backwards thru the blog, all words, no pictures for the meaning!! How odd!! I am excited that the words alone can generate a response!

Hang in there. I will be posting the pics, just as soon as I can tear the book apart!! (there will be a little break this week, as I am going out of town for a bit. but next week, the ritual should continue)