Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The fair maid who,
Goes to the fields
And washes in dew
brush the flies off her and
is building a

The fair maid could be anyone, anywhere, anytime. She is represented by many faces, and none are the same, just as any one of us could be anyone, anytime we choose. This particular fair maid is a she, and fond of corsets. She is a maid, a servant, subservient to the world, and like most females she feels the worlds' needs come first, not hers. Before she builds the nest, she cleans her own person, brushing flies/debris off her, almost a sanctification and purification, a ritual. She wants to build her nest her way, the way she needs it to be done, by herself.

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Mick said...

Oh! How delicious! At the ame time, have I misunderstood about images? I'd love to see them.